Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Whether you’re a die-hard romantic or a cynic (like me), it’s still the perfect opportunity to eat some desserts.

This year, we have put together a list of multicultural desserts to try in your city. Why not show your Valentine a sophisticated side by trying some of these scrumptious sweets? We tell you where to find them too.

Chocolate baklava

Valentine’s Day needs some chocolate for the purists. It’s tradition after all! Instead of regular baklava, try chocolate baklava which comes in bounty, cherry, triple-chocolate, white chocolate and Nutella flavours found at Gaziantep Bakery in Auburn NSW. They also make a variety of other Turkish sweets. I’m salivating just thinking of it!

Source: Gaziantep Sweets and Pastry


Srikhand (srikha-nd) is a traditional Indian pudding made with hung curd and flavoured with saffron and cardamom (the spices of love). It’s creamy, soft and melts in your mouth like a dream. Try it in different flavours like pistachio, saffron or just plain topped with an abundance of dry fruits at Chatkazz, Harris Park NSW. They also make a variety of pastries, sizzler brownie dishes for the Western palate. Get into a sugar coma – try them all!

Lychee oolong tiramisu

This beautiful dessert from Eggless in Goodwood, SA combines the spongy sweetness of lychees with mascarpone and vanilla sponge. Other yummy and amazing creations by the talented duo, Eelin and Ken feature gluten-free, vegan options and use seasonal, fresh produce. Beautiful Asian-style desserts for the adventurous souls.


Where would Sydney be without the smiling, bearded, hipster chefs who dance and whip up knafeh? If you’ve not tried it yet, you’re in for a real treat! Sample this sensational Arabian dessert made of semolina and soaked in a sweet sugar-based syrup. Plus you might catch the chefs in a party mood on the night!

Source: Knafeh Bakery (Facebook)

Mamoul (cookies)

If you happen to be in Lygon Street, Melbourne stop by the
Trio Pasta, Sweets and Nuts to sample their famous offerings ranging from mamoul (cookies with pistachio and walnuts) to osh bolbol (made from lace pastry dough and baked golden-brown). They also cater to a more savoury palate. The perfect combo!

Source: Trio Pasta Sweets and Nuts (Facebook)

If you’re in the mood for an authentic coffee-on-sand experience, stop by Afandi Coffee in Auburn NSW. You can watch your coffee bubbling away on sand imported from Jordan, and enjoy it with special cookies.

We hope you loved this list and are inspired to try one of these delectable sweets. Whatever you do, enjoy this day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at The Newcomer.